Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mayukh Chatterjee and Africa..

Bonbashi Bondhu

Mayukh Chatterjee

Replete with beautiful artwork and an innovative narrative, Bonbashi bondhu by Mayukh Chatterjee is an adventure graphic narrative in its true sense. The badlands of wild Africa with poaching as its underlying theme provides an interesting setting for our story.

John Michael is a Game Warden in a post 2nd World War Africa. He along with his faithful assistant Oriyangaka head out into the jungle to investigate a rampant case of Poaching. Along the way Oriyangaka is injured and heads back while John heads alone, manages to save a lion..but eventually is trapped by the poachers. What follows is a few more pages of intriguing story telling with some fascinating drawings which tells the story about John’s rescue from an unlikely friend..

This is as far as the synopsis of the story can be summed up but according to me what pushes this graphic novel in the list of those on the top is the fact that the illustrator manages to give a perfect essence of the adventure stories of the jungle which we are so very familiar courtesy Phantom and Tarzan, through his dynamic illustrations of the wildcats and ofcourse the climax which provides an interesting anecdote for the readers.

Mayukh Chatterjee manages to combine beautifully an adventurous setting and yet talk about an everlasting and underlying theme of friendship and loyalty.

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