Thursday, May 19, 2011


Batul the Great
narayan debnath

A bengali comic book remains incomplete without a mention of the unforgettable Narayan Debnath and his favourite character "Batul The Great". Thus here is a slight review of a Batul the Great comic whihc appeared in the 1978 May edition of Shuktara.The story unfolds in an island where two mischiveous nephews of Batul hatch a plot to extract treasure from an other adventurer who is also in the same place for that purpose.While meanwhile Batul who is on the island on a holiday manages to seek out the cries of Help from the adventurer who has been trapped by his evil nephews as they plan to escape with the treasure.As usual our favourite Batul manages to save the day with his histronics.

The small simple plot where two gun totting kids manage to scare away an old man and the sudden appearance of Batul is what classical Bengali comic book narratives are made of.

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